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sohowdoi's Journal

So How do I....
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So how do I put an image in my posts ? So how do I do that scrolling text thingie ? So how do I do an lj cut ?

As I'm sure you've all noticed, there is a hell of alot of html and icon communities where people can go and ask questions.

This community isn't that much different. :) The only major difference is, you will get an answer to your questions. No matter how stupid and lame you may think your question is.

NO question is stupid. And don't think you're stupid because you don't know something. We weren't born knowing these things. We were all beginners once even if the majority of us seem to have forgotten that

\\ Before you post //
\\ After you've posted //
make sure to check your post. Check to see if there are any errors, and try to be as specific as possible if you're asking a question. We may think we're brilliant, but we're not mind readers.

Community created -> March 26th 2003

this community is maintained by keneally so if you have any complaints or questions - go bother him.